Merge MIDI files, Combine MIDI files into one midi file

Free online Midi files combiner.
1. Upload your Midi file.
2. Sort the merged files.
3. Click the "Merge" button.
4. Download the merged file.
Support two merge modes, one is "add audio track", combine multiple tracks of MIDI file into one MIDI file, for example, two MIDI files each have 2 tracks, and the combined MIDI files have 4 Tracks.
The another is "extending the track", merging the next file to the back of the previous file, for example, The two MIDI files each have 2 tracks, and the combined MIDI file is still 2 tracks, but the music time is getting longer.
If the BPM value of the merged MIDI file you want is different, an unexpected situation will occur. The correct approach is to change their BPM to the same value before merging. Here you can modify the MIDI file BPM value

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Output Formats: MID, MIDI
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