Split Midi Tracks, Midi Splitter

This tool separates the tracks of MIDI files and saves each track as a separate MIDI file. For example, you have a MIDI file that contains three tracks, namely a piano, a guitar, and a drum. This tool can separate them and output three files.
The tool provides two options, one is whether the first channel is output or not. In general, the first channel does not contain sound. You can choose to ignore the output.
The second is whether the output file contains the first channel. If “No” is selected, a single channel MIDI file is output. If you select “Yes”, the two channels of MIDI files are output. The first channel is the first channel of the original MIDI file.

Input Formats: MID,MIDI
Output Formats: MID
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Upload file size should be less than: 2M

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Append first channel for each output file:
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