Change Midi Volume

This is an online tool that changes the volume of MIDI files.
Some players can adjust the volume of MIDI. But this tool directly changes the MIDI file. Make it sound louder or lower.
You can upload MIDI files in batches and change the volume at once.
There are two ways to change the volume, one is “multiple”, and the other is “absolute”. If you choose the “multiple”, you can enter 0.1 to 16. If it is greater than 1, it will become higher, such as 3 and 3 times higher. If it is less than 1, it will become lower, such as 0.5, which is 1 times lower. If it is equal to 1, it does not change.
If you choose the “absolute”, each tone is set to this volume, ranging from 1 to 127.

Input Formats: MID,MIDI
Output Formats: MID
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Upload file size should be less than: 2M

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