SVG Optimizer

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is an XML-based vector image format. SVG file can create by Text editor or Inkscape, Illustrator etc software.
This is a powerful online tool for reduce the svg file size and optimize it, the tool can remove unused IDs and minifies used, or cleanups attributes from newlines, trailing and repeating spaces, etc.

Input Formats: svg
Output Formats: svg
Options Setting:

Upload file size should be less than: 50M

Optimise Options:
make SVG pretty printed,
add Classes To SVG Element
cleanup attributes from newlines, trailing and repeating spaces
cleanup Enable Background
cleanup IDs (unused and minify used IDs)
cleanup List Of Values
cleanup Numeric Values
collapse Groups
convert Colors(from rgb() to #rrggbb, from #rrggbb to #rgb)
convert Path Data
convert Shape To Path
convert Style To Attrs
convert Trans form
merge Paths
minify Styles
move Elems Attrs To Group
move Group Attrs To Elems
remove Attrs
remove Comments
remove Desc
remove Dimensions
remove Doctype
remove Editors NSData
remove Empty Attrs
remove Empty Containers
remove Empty Text
remove Hidden Elems
remove Metadata
remove Non Inheritable Group Attrs
remove Raster Images
remove Style Element
remove Title
remove Unknowns And Defaults
remove Unused NS
remove Useless Defs
remove Useless Stroke And Fill
remove ViewBox
remove XML ProcInst
sort Attrs
transforms With One Path
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