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You can now enjoy a cup of coffee while your child is practicing dictation

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About & Help
Spelling Exercises Helper is a tool used to assist students in preparing for dictations.

As a parent or a teacher, don't you spend a lot of time giving your children practice for dictations? This tool can help you complete this task, allowing you to select the words for dictation. You can then go off and do something else after pressing the start button. The whole process requires no input from you, and perfect pronunciation is guaranteed.

The tool is completely cost and installation free. Operating online, it can be used on PCs, iOS and Android smartphones, as well as other mobile devices.

Moreover, the tool is equipped with a large existing word bank, saving you the trouble of searching for word banks.

Steps to use:
1. Select a word bank to be added to the Word List. Words can also be added manually.
2. Click the 'Start' button on the 'Word List'.
3. The dictation begins, with the stored words being automatically read aloud.
4. You may adjust the amount of interval between each word and the number of times each word is to be repeated.

For any queries, please contact: support@epub-to-pdf.com